My loving Teacher

Helo , My name is Hapuwa . i have a little brother. I am going school.i am in grade six. I like going school.Because i like to study and play with my lovely friends.i go school everyday. I do my home work my favorite subject is science. But i like english subject too. I get very good mark for english in every term test.But i cant speak english. I think i am shy and affried to speak in english.But i want to speak in english . One day i want to travel all over the world, so i want to learn english very well.
Therefore my father find me the teacher Mony.She is from South Affrica.She is kind to me. She teaches me a lot of things. In her class, i practice english speaking and reading.She gave me home works every day. I like to do home works. I think now i can speak english more than before. I want to learn more with her, i like her very much. She is very very good teacher.Thank you teacher.

Les professeurs

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