Teacher paloma

I have been learning English for 13 years. But until march, i did not have any courageous to speak in English although i had a desire to be fluent in English. Therefore i was always frustrated thinking about my ability of English.
Since early march, our country slowly began to be a victim of Covid 19. By Mid of March, all public institute ,private institute and Schools were closed and the country was fully locked down.So we were confined to our homes.Therefore i thought this was the best time for learning English.
Fortunately, by chance i saw an advertisement of AMAZING TALKER on internet.After that i looked for a teacher on this site, Then i met my amazing teacher Mrs Paloma From United State.very first lesson she encouraged me to speak in English.It made me really enthusiastic to speak in English.Her motivation leaded me to speak various topic without getting stuck,she is really helpful, present Teacher. Now i have a courage and enthusiasm to speak in English. Therefore nothing can stop my journey of fluency in English.Thanks Teacher Paloma

Les professeurs

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