I got my job as a Korean speaker

안녕하세요, 저 오스카이라고 합니다.
자는 2020 년부터 한국어를 공부했습니다.
Well, I have to switch back my language, is easy to let everyone know about my story.

I learn Korean when I was still in high school, I am so addicted to Korea culture, K-pop, Korean drama when I was 16 and that's why I learn Korean, I buy a lot of books and learn by myself that time.

Last year (2020) , our world having a very serious health disease, and we have to stay at home to keep us safe, so I decide to continue to learn Korean that time. I found Kim!! And he always gave me a lot of homework and practice, he torture my brain so much 😂, but because of this TORTURES I finally can speak better and better Korean, I can communicate with Korean people in Korean restaurant and they were so shock and happy that I can speak and understand them, and I always get treats of drinks or dishes from them.

But the most happy thing is I got a speaker job that have to give a speech in a Korea company launching event. My photographer told me I am the only person who is not from Korea and I was so excited!!
Guess what the event goes well, I was so proud of it!!

Although I am still not really understand some of the Korean words, but at least I finally can speak well, and I met few Korean friends from the event too.

Thanks Kim so much to torture me sooooo badly 😂

감사합니다, 너무 촣아해😝😝😝

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