Love Mondays

Have you heard the phrase “Monday blues”? It has a negative emotion attached to it. The feeling of tiredness and something unpleasant but is unavoidable. Monday for most is the start of another seemingly endless workweek. Like many other people, Monday is the day that I am not very fond of until I started to rekindle my love and passion for learning the Korean language.
When I decided to formally learn the Korean language, I choose to schedule it on Mondays. The reason why I choose Monday of all the other days is that my work schedule follows a different timeline. It is the only day where I had a good night’s sleep. You might ask me what changes my views on Monday? One is that I welcome Monday mornings as an opportunity to do the things I love and that is learning the Korean language. Second is that I have a great teacher. When I take Jayden Oppa’s class I leave energized and excited. Thanks to Jayden Oppa for making our Monday study session light and fun. He explains the lesson very well and he sends me notes and study materials afterward. He is very approachable and easy to talk to. I enjoy my time studying with Jayden Oppa.
Now I look forward to Mondays with a smile and a positive mindset. When you start your week doing the things you are passionate about its kinds of sets the mood for the entire week.

Les professeurs

HSK 6级的老师 👨🏻‍✈️

你好!! 想讓空服歐巴用中文帶你玩遍中国嗎?還是想聽得懂中文,和人溝通呢? 沒有問題!交給我吧👌 🛫課程實用有趣,不喜歡無聊的課程 🛫想要更融入課程和學實用的中文嗎?試試把中劇帶入生活中吧 💎流利韩中英文,輔助課程💎漢城大學畢業💎哈爾濱留學💎美國AZ飛行學校飛行員💎澳門航空空少 🌟中文會話🌟 中文檢定HSK🌟商業中文 🌟韓劇中文

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