Learning Korean

The teacher is very serious in teaching and will introduce Korean historical stories. The pronunciation is also very demanding, so there can be great progress in this area.

Mr. Henry's teaching is very interesting, and he will constantly review and correct pronunciation. In class, he will also talk about Korean history and local famous attractions, and introduce Korean culture, so he will understand Korea better. I have not been to Korea yet, so I am quite new to the local area. After being introduced by my teacher, I will be more interested in Korea. I hope I can visit one day. My original knowledge of Korea is only Korean pop music, Korean drama and Bong. After studying the movies directed by Jun Ho, I feel that there are quite a few things to discover in Korea. Moreover, Mr. Henry's method of teaching is quite easy, and there is not much pressure, but it is true to have to study more by yourself, otherwise it will be easy to forget.

Les professeurs

7년이상/ 한국어교원자격증 보유

안녕하세요, 저는 헨리라고 합니다. 한국 인천 사람이고 7년 이상의 한국어 강의 경력과 외국인 학생들과 언어 소통에도 전혀 문제가 없으니 고민하지 마시고 선택해 주세요. 절대 후회하지 않고 돈이 아깝다고 느끼지 않게 열심히 잘 가르쳐 드리겠습니다.

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